About FlipToast

FlipToast offers a simple solution for managing multiple social media accounts. The free app gives users access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest from one location right on their desktop, eliminating the need to switch between various sites and windows to stay in touch and share content. Whether sharing photos or videos, commenting or posting on a friend’s page, or sending or receiving messages, FlipToast simplifies the process. Users can chat directly through the application, and there is even a search feature so friends can find content on each other’s pages. FlipToast makes managing the ever-more-complex world of social networking easy and convenient.

Designed as a toolbar that sits on the edge of the desktop, FlipToast displays icons for each social app. In the redesigned, simplified interface, an orange light signals when new comments, updates, or other activities pop up in any application. Clicking on the tile for an app will let the user interact—for example, post a status or share a photo—without leaving the current browser window. Drag-and-drop features make FlipToast even easier to use. For example, to share a photo on Facebook, simply drag and drop it on the Facebook icon in the FlipToast toolbar.

Running on Windows 7 and XP, as well as Mac OSX, FlipToast has about one million active users. That number is set to skyrocket with the release of Windows 8; taking advantage of the Windows Metro interface, FlipToast is the first social app with a dedicated tile for the latest version of the operating system. A version of FlipToast for iOS is coming soon.

The technology news website Techie Buzz called FlipToast “an awesome desktop app.” Originally designed for Facebook, FlipToast plans to continue adding social apps beyond the four networks it now aggregates. New features are included in every release. The most current addition is Mixcloud, a radio application that offers podcasts, DJ mixes, radio shows, and free music. FlipToast has created the first version of Mixcloud that is accessible from the desktop.


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